Our offices and warehouse are located in Brooklyn, New York.  Our offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.  For our address and contact information, as well as our hours of operation, please visit the Contact Information page.

All orders are charged the UPS shipping charges. For more details, please visit our Shipping Policies page.  For orders from outside the continental USA, please visit our International Shipping Information page, or contact us by phone or e-mail.

We do free shipping for online orders totaling $2,500 or more. We charge shipping charges in all other orders.

We authorized the cost of your merchandise upon receiving your order, but only charged your card upon shipping.  The total charged should be the price of the merchandise plus the standard UPS shipping cost, unless you requested a different shipping option. The authorization hold will be cleared from your account within a few days.  Rest assured we haven't  charged you twice for the merchandise.

Yes, we do provide "blind shipping."  When checking out simply write your blind shipping request in the Special Instructions box. Then we will not show your customer that you are buying from us or how much you are paying.  The packing slip will only show your name and address as the shipper, and the list of items and quantities without prices.

For watch/button (not Coin Lithium) battery orders placed online and shipped within the contiguous 48 US States, we offer a flat shipping fee of US$5.00. If you order other items also, you will be charged only the UPS shipping cost of the other items ordered.

We usually ship within one or two days.  Once shipped, and depending on your location, UPS will take a specific time to deliver. Click here for the UPS zone map.

Please call us and tell us why you wish to return your items.  We will provide you with instructions. Returned merchandise may be subject to a re-stocking fee. Special orders and film are not returnable.

You may, if you call us within our office hours. Please bear in mind that orders placed over the phone for an amount of $100 or less in merchandise will be subject to an additional charge of $5.00.

No, we are an independent merchant. 

Not all 9 volt batteries are equal.  Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty batteries do not perform properly in microphones. We recommend Alkaline batteries. 

Our business is run from our office in Brooklyn, NY. We do not have stores, distributors or representatives anywhere else.  We can ship to all states from here.

No, we do not carry or sell automobile batteries of any kind, make or model. 

Yes we do.  Merchandise too heavy to be sent by UPS is usually sent by truck to the border, and a forwarding agent will take care of bringing merchandise across the border and shipping it from there to your place. For further detail, see our Shipping Outside the USA page.

Heavy Duty, or Zinc-carbon Batteries, are actually the least efficient of the common household batteries. Their Amp capacity (the time it takes to discharge the battery when in use) is the smallest, and their shelf life is shorter than Alkaline and Lithium batteries. They are cheaper too. Extra Heavy Duty Batteries are a variation of Heavy Duty batteries, and their Amp capacity may be slightly, but certainly not significantly, higher.

Alkaline Batteries (or Zinc Manganese Oxide Batteries) have become a household favorite because they last longer than Heavy Duty and have a longer shelf life.
Lithium Batteries are more expensive than Alkaline Batteries, and their Amp capacity is greater, that means their charge last considerably longer than Alkaline Batteries.

Even though equal in size and voltage, Silver Oxide batteries have a capacity three times greater than their Alkaline Button equivalent. That means they last about three times longer.

Ah stands for "Amp hour" and mAh stands for "mili-Amp hour". It is a capacity measure. The greater the Ah or mAh number, the longer the battery charge will last. One mAh is the equivalent to 1/1000 Amps. So 2.7Ah = 2700mAh, 1.2Ah = 1200mAh, etc. 

A greater Amp capacity in a battery will cause it to last longer between charges, and may take longer to charge the battery, but will not burn or damage your device. If you want to prevent damage, you should watch the voltage compatibility.

We do not sell butter. Our storage facility does not keep perishables, and we do not ship items that require permanent refrigeration. The "butter" part of our name is only a linguistic expression. Just like "bread and butter" means two things that go together, and "guns and butter" means a policy that favors guns, "batteries and butter" is meant as an message that we specialize in batteries. Feel free to browse our website and observe the variety of our battery merchandise. In addition, our "General Merchandise" section shows a diversity of merchandise other than batteries also sold on our website.

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.

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